Durban July 2022 theme creates a buzz

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Durban – The release of a vibrant “Show Me The Honey” theme for the Hollywoodbets Durban July on Saturday 2 July has started creating a buzz in fashion and social circles as Africa’s Greatest Horseracing Event plans to welcome fans back to the 126th running of the iconic horse race. The theme, which governs the extensive fashion programme and hospitality at the event is the work of veteran event marketer Ken Tweddell and aims to draw contemporary influences into the race every year.

“When conceptualizing the annual theme for the Hollywoodbets Durban July, the intention is always to provide a varied and challenging subject to inspire fashionistas when creating their raceday ensembles,” said Tweddell.

“There are many subjects related to bees that designers can focus on in their creative process.” He expanded. “The very obvious is the flowers that provide the nectar and pollen that bees collect for food and to produce honey. “Designers should do some research on bees in general and bees as pollinators, to gain some knowledge of this fascinating and critically endangered insect.

“They should also consider the less obvious that might just make their creation stand out from the rest,” he advised.

“Besides the types of flowers and bouquets that are used to decorate homes and offices, designers should also consider the vast spectrum of flowers that burst forth on the trees that produce fruit and nuts in orchards and in the wild. All these flowers need to be pollinated, mainly by bees, before they will produce fruit.

With the fashion programme kicking off with the vibrant Hollywoodbets Young Designer Award, Tweddell said the theme offered a multitude of creative and technical cues.

“Look at the theme from different angles and perhaps take a cue from the translucence of bees’ wings which are made up of panels strengthened by seams,” he said. “Examine a bee closely and notice the fluffy fur-like parts that enable the bee to carry pollen and nectar to the hive. Take a cue from the stripes on a bee’s body – paint them your own colour. “For a different perspective, change the saying, “Dripping in honey!” to “Dripping in jewellery!” he suggested. “Bees store their honey in honeycomb which is a structure made by the bees of six-sided (hexagonal) tubes constructed of bees wax. Perhaps consider the strength of this structure in your design. “Bees work as a team to make honey and also to protect the queen bee and the hive. Similarly, teamwork should be strong between the designer, the make-up artist and the model who will be wearing the creation.

Show me the honey!

There’s a buzz in Mzanzi,
We’ve been patient a long while!
Swelling buds burst open,
And racegoers will be back in style.

Fashionistas all abustle,
Parading their creations.
Who will taste sweet success?
Couturier sensations!

Bees dart from flower to flower,
Gathering pollen before sunset
Like punters look for info,
On which horse to place a bet.

But horseracing is what it’s all about,
And nothing could be sweeter.
Than to shout your fancy home,
The new equine world beater.

The Hollywoodbets Durban July.
Africa’s Greatest Horseracing Event.

Article via Hollywoodbets

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