Nitro Circus in Cape Town, October 2017

From humble beginnings, with Jeremy Rawle, Gregg Godfrey and action sports superstar Travis Pastrana producing DVDs from a house in Utah in 2003, Nitro Circus has exploded to global popularity, leaving a lasting impression in the minds of people across the planet. The original DVD series was a smash hit, with Travis and his crew of outrageous buddies performing skilful but insane stunts on a range of contraptions. In 2009, Nitro Circus partnered up with MTV to create a smash hit new TV series, which aired in 60+ countries over 2 seasons and was one of MTV’s most popular series of all time. The series makes its return to MTV2 in October 2014.

In 2010, the show was transformed by Mike Porra, an action sports industry veteran. He created the global phenomenon that is Nitro Circus Live. Since the inaugural tour of Australia four years ago, the show has travelled the around globe, obliterating box office records and cultivating a band of diehard fans. The tour has now rolled across 5 continents, with sold-out shows in Australia, New Zealand, China, the United States, Canada, South Africa, and across the Europe. With more shows each year than ever before, Nitro Circus has firmly gripped onto the title of the World’s most successful action sports touring brand.

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