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Kenilworth Racecourse is the SA's oldest racecourse and enjoys a special place in the history of SA horseracing. The racecourse was established in 1881. Nestled in Kenilworth, Cape Town, the gorgeous course is a favourite with locals and foreigners alike.

This is one of the most unique courses in the world. Besides hosting world-renowned racing events, it is also the home of the Kenilworth Racecourse Conservation Area, a small but valuable nature reserve situated within the racecourse itself. This 52-hectare area is the best preserved patch of Cape Flats Sand Fynbos on the planet, and contains at least 20 plant species threatened with extinction. Also situated in the middle of the track is South Africa’s equine quarantine station, where horses bound for export are kept.

The left-handed Kenilworth Racecourse is unique for having three tracks: An “old” course that is 2700m in circumference with a 450m run-in, a “new” course of 2800m with a 600m run-in and a separate 1200m straight.


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